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There are numerous roofing options available today, including various materials, styles, and appearances. Those who are building new homes, renovating existing homes, or upgrading their business or vacation home have a wide range of options when it comes to the qualities and appearance of their new roof.

Cedar shakes are one of the most popular and time-honored solutions in terms of aesthetics. These eco-friendly wood shakes have a rustic, natural appearance that complements a variety of home styles.

Even though cedar shakes are composed of wood, they have a high level of durability and can endure for up to 50 years if properly cared for. There are even treatments that can help them become more fire resistant.

The rustic, classic aesthetic, which is difficult to recreate with other materials, is, however, a great draw for most people. Their natural beauty and unpolished appearance are in high demand these days, and will undoubtedly increase the value of your home.

Cedar shingles provide a rustic appearance with a lot of personality. No two cedar shake roofs are alike due to differences in color, width, thickness, and cut of the wood.

Wood shingles, specifically cedar, provide some energy savings: installing a cedar roof insulates the attic and allows the house to breathe by circulating air via small gaps under the felt rows on which the wooden shingles are set.

Fish-scale, cove, and V-cut patterns are among the many shapes available in fancy-cut cedar shingles. Open sheathing is required for cedar shingles, which consists of 1′′ by 6′′ boards spaced evenly.

The gaps allow air to circulate around the shingles, preventing moisture from accumulating beneath the wood. Cedar shakes with deeply grooved textures that allow for air circulation can be installed over solid sheathing with 30-pound roofing felt interlays. Over open sheathing, some shakes may be put in.


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What is a Cedar Roof?

They’re wooden roofing panels that look like shingles but are cut in a rougher, less consistent way. The components are entirely made of cedar, a softwood that is abundant throughout much of the world and is both eco-friendly and easily sustainable.

Cedar does not produce the same useless by-products as some other building materials because it is a natural substance. Cedar also stands up to harsh weather conditions including hail, wind, and sleet, and is unaffected by UV rays. Cedar, unlike several other forms of wood, is pest resistant.

The term “softwood” refers to the fact that cedar is less thick than many other types of lumber and contains vast air cells. Because of this extra barrier, cedar is far better at insulating temperature than many other roofing materials, keeping the inside of your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Installing cedar shakes often helps improve interest and market value if you ever decide to sell your property because they offer such an attractive and unique aesthetic. Because wood shingles are less prevalent than other types, consumers who desire them will have fewer choices.

They specialize in cedar shake installation and repair. Fortunately, we have specialized ways for restoring the job site to its original state. All waste and rubbish is removed completely, and any scattered nails are collected using a magnet during replacement.

Natural timber shakes are a little more difficult to install than other roofing materials. When wood is wet, it expands, which must be taken into consideration during installation. Furthermore, effectively installing them to give both the most efficient security for your property as well as the authentically organic aesthetic you desire is a true art.

That is why you need to hire a professional like us for proper installation.

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