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Top Rated Roofing Services In Sutton, Ontario

Your roof is what protects you from the elements. Keeping it beautiful and always in good shape will keep your property in good shape as well. If you want to preserve the structural integrity of your house, keep your roof in good condition.

We at Sutton provide quality roof services at reasonable prices. Our professionals provide roof installation, roof repairs, metal roofing and more. No matter what your roofing needs are, we can help.

Roof Repair

If you notice your roof is in bad condition, let us know. We can fix all kinds of roof issues. Whether it is missing shingles, broken tiles, rusted metal areas, rotting wooden shake, etc.

We can fix issues with the roof gutter, roof fascia board, or flashing. If your roof is leaking, we can provide leak proofing services. We can replace broken parts or provide complete roof replacement services as well.

Residential Roofing

When the roof of your house needs service, let us know. We have years of experience in working with all kinds of residential roofs. From shingle roof, tile roof or metal roof, we can repair and install it all.

We have the best people working for us who know how to install residential roofs to give you a durable and beautiful looking roof that will provide a solid structure to your house.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofs are commonly flat roofs or metal roofs. If your rubber roof is old and needs re roofing done, we can do it. We will inspect your roof and provide re roofing, roof replacement or leak proofing services as needed.

We have been installing roofs for commercial properties and know how to install them right. When you need a company who has experience installing commercial roofs, then we are the people you can trust.

Gutters and Eavestrough

When your gutters or eaves are leaking, broken, have holes, bent, loose, or damaged somehow, we can fix it. A broken gutter can leak all over your property and the house itself. It can cause major water damage to your property. We can replace or repair the gutter as soon as possible so it starts to work again.

Metal Roofing

Many homeowners and commercial building managers prefer metal roofs for a variety of reasons. One of the most important factors is durability. Roofs made of metal are considerably more durable than those made of shingles or tiles. They are weather, fire, and water resistant. Metal roofs on the market have been coated to make them rust resistant.

Roofing Inspection

Regular roof inspections are vital for your home since they can help spot problems early on and prevent further damage. Roof inspectors will be able to detect flaws in the roof structure and recommend repairs before moisture damage to your property occurs.

Our team can get on your commercial or residential roof to inspect it. With proper inspection you can repair minor issues before they can become big.

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