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Trying to find a reputable roofing company in Midland, Ontario? The right place has been found for you. Our company specializes in roofing and has over two decades of experience. Our company is considered to be the best at installing beautiful, durable roofs.

Midland stands out as a quality roofing service provider because our team is certified and knows how to provide all kinds of roofing services. Whether you need service on a residential or commercial roof in Midland, you can be confident that we will deliver quality work.

Roof Repair

Roof leaks are one of the most common problems a roof can face. Leaking roofs are capable of ruining your entire house. These are just a few of the things that could happen, such as mold, inadequate insulation, wood rot, and roof sagging.

The leaks we fix can be of any kind. We will determine if the leak is there and fix it. We can perform any roof repair you need, whether it’s rotted or broken parts, or if the gutters, flashing, or fascia board needs to be repaired.


Residential Roofing

We install both metal and flat roofs. Depending on the needs of your house, we can install a metal roof, shingle roof, or a tile roof. Our team is committed to using only the best materials made in the state by local producers for your roof.

A few minor roof repairs may be necessary, such as replacing missing shingles, corroded metal panels, and damaged flashing. There are a variety of roofing issues that can occur. We will provide you with rapid and effective repairs when you need us.

Commercial Roofing

Even more important is the roof of a commercial property. It’s essential to have a roof that looks beautiful and is durable in order to attract customers. Buildings with a good roof are more likely to be equipped for emergencies.

Among our commercial roofing capabilities are flat roofs and metal roofs. You can trust us for roofs to cover shops, restaurants, industrial facilities, warehouses, or any other commercial place.

Gutters and Eavestrough

The gutters are what drain the rainwater away from your building. A clogged gutter will prevent water from draining properly, leaving the water to seep into the pillars, fascia board, and eventually into the house.

The result may be wood rotting and the formation of mold. If needed, we also specialize in fixing broken gutters and cleaning dirty clogged gutters.

Metal Roofing

For installing metal roofs on your home or business, we would like to be considered among the best businesses in the field. A local manufacturer with a warranty is who we choose for our roofs.

There are various types of metal roofs you can select, and you can pick one that meets your needs. Call us if you have questions about what kind of roof you want.

Roofing Inspection

During a roof inspection, one of the most important aspects is to identify any potential problems. The roof cannot be seen from the ground. Seeing your roof from the ground is much tougher than seeing it from above.

Roofs can be inspected by our team using equipment. It is our goal to climb the roof and inspect the problem closely. If we come across anything that is problematic, we will let you know so that you can decide what to do.

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